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What is the role of schools in addressing asthma?

Schools can play several roles in addressing asthma.

First, children spend a significant amount of time at schools. Air quality and the presence of triggers in schools can affect the experience of asthma. Often because of deferred or inadequate maintenance, school buildings may be poor environments for children. One aspect of addressing asthma is to address the quality of the indoor environment in schools.

Second, schools can be a place where children with asthma experience asthma attacks. The response of school personnel to such attacks can make a big difference, and even be a matter of life and death. Proper training of school personnel, particularly school nurses, to respond to asthma is critical. Schools need to be fully integrated into the action plan to manage asthma for children.

Third, schools can be a source of education for both children and parents about asthma. School nurses may identify children who exhibit asthma symptoms and have not been diagnosed. Nurses and teachers may offer information to individuals or in a group situation about asthma and ways to control it.

Fourth, schools can help children manage their asthma so that they can take part in outdoor and sports activities. Specific resources are available to help school nurses and others with this.

What is the role of child care facilities?

Child care facilities can have certain aspects of homes, such as the presence of soft toys and other items that require special action to control asthma triggers. Resources are available to help parents evaluate child care facilities and to help the facilities address asthma.


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