Resources for state health and environment agencies working together to reduce asthma in children. Sponsored by ECOS.

 Education Programs to Address Asthma  and Triggers        >>> One-pager

National Asthma Education Program sponsored by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Started in 1989 to improve the response to asthma. Focus is on effective control of asthma. Sponsors coalitions to pull together partners to help children and others with asthma. All major medical groups, public health groups, and agencies belong to this initiative.

State of Indiana's Simple Steps Campaign. Materials and program to help parents protect their kids from environmental hazards.

Materials for Families on Asthma. Arizona Asthma Coalition Patient and Families' Guide

University of Montana

Instructional module on asthma. Extensive resources including transparencies and script for an educational program.

Resources for educators on indoor air quality. Extensive resources.

Indoor air quality home tour. Designed for homeowners. How to identify and solve indoor air quality problems.

Training manual: Healthy Indoor Air in America's Homes. Manual prepared by Extension. Portions are available on-line. Paper copy with accompanying materials can be ordered at this site.

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