Resources for state health and environment agencies working together to reduce asthma in children. Sponsored by ECOS.


This site and project would not be possible without the support and assistance of many individuals who shared their knowledge about ways to reduce the impact of asthma. We would like to thank the following individuals who provided comments and assistance on the development of the materials for the conference and this web site.

Mary Lou Fleissner, State of Connecticut*
Joe Francis, State of Nebraska
J. Hataway, State of Alabama
Casey Herget, State of North Carolina
Carl Johnson, State of New York*
Tamara Johnson, State of Indiana*
Bob King, State of South Carolina*
Marian Marbury, State of Minnesota
Helene Margolis, State of California*
Arthur McFarlane, State of Colorado
Dianne S. Minasian, State of South Carolina
Laura Oatman, State of Minnesota
Claire H. Prince, State of South Carolina*
Kelly Raatz, State of Minnesota
Edd Rhoades, State of Oklahoma
Kristin J. Ryan, State of Alaska* **
Will Service, State of North Carolina*
Fun Shimabukuro, ASTHO**
Peter Simon, State of Rhode Island*
Kim Smith, US Environmental Protection Agency
Paula Smith, State of Indiana*
Donald Stern, State of Virginia
Bill Vance, State of California*
Robert Wahl, State of Michigan
Henry Anderson, State of Wisconsin*
Liz Blackburn, US Environmental Protection Agency
Leslie P. Boss, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Michele Brown, State of Alaska*
Brenda Doroski, US Environmental Protection Agency
A. Christine Eppstein, Environmental Council of the States**

*Served on steering committee for the project
**Key staff for the project

Funding for this work has been provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Children's Health Protection and Office of Air and Radiation and by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) is the sponsor of this project. The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials is also assisting with the project. This web site was developed by Amy D. Kyle.

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